Here are some of the characters in the novel ELIJAH. There are many more you will meet as you join Elijah in his quest to save abused children.

Elijah – Elijah Raven is a 22 year-old IT tech at Buy City. He mainly keeps to himself and shuns animals. Why? Because they communicate with him. It’s an extraordinary, if not supernatural, gift. But he thinks it’s a curse. Animals tell him about evil acts performed by humans. Abuse. Rape. Murder. He’s then compelled against his will to act upon these things. He’s not a hero. But he has little choice. He’ll either succeed in saving people, or die trying.

Jenny – Jenny Meredith works with Elijah at Buy City. She is Elijah’s dream girl, and way out of his league. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate. By no fault of her own, she’s plunged into big corporate corruption when her father is murdered. She must help Elijah stop an evil megalomaniac who will commit any atrocity to make money.

Uncle Joe – Uncle Joe is Elijah’s uncle and a famous psychologist. He’s written several highly successful self-help books. He offers to let Elijah live with him if Elijah will write his life story.

Mr. Broxton – Nicholas Broxton is a friend of Elijah’s uncle, and thus a friend of Elijah’s. He’s an executive officer and Chairman of the Board for a very successful financial institution.

Tyler – Tyler is Mr. Broxton’s Cheetos-loving and incredibly intelligent black Labrador retriever. He has the uncanny ability to form complete sentences when communicating with Elijah. He teams up with Elijah to be his guide.