Elijah Raven, 22, is simply trying to overcome his past and get by in life. Well, and dream of a girl who’s out of his league. He’s not a thrill-seeking daredevil. Instead, he works as an IT tech at Buy City. His passion is for computers, a relatively safe endeavor. Not adventure.

He’s already had enough adventure to last a lifetime.

But, he also possesses an extraordinary gift—or to him—a curse. Elijah can communicate with animals. He doesn’t know how it works, but somehow animals sense that he can understand them. That sounds like it would be cool, except the problem is the animals don’t tell him to throw the ball or give a treat. They tell him about the evil things they see. Abuse. Rape. Murder. He wants to mind his own business instead of diving headfirst into unknown dangers against his will. But, he’s compelled to get involved, and cannot deny the call to action.

And the call to action screams when he stumbles upon the high crime abduction of children forced into prostitution by untouchable Corporate Executives, who believe that anything that makes money is permissible in the world of High Finance.


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