My hope is that you will think about your real life experiences, how you can have happiness in spite of bad experiences, and about how you could help save a child.

My name is Frank Redman. I started writing the suspense novel, ELIJAH, in 2012. It’s about inspiring hope in readers. It’s about heightening awareness of sexual abuse and child prostitution. And it’s about conjuring a smile here and there.

In April 2013, I was diagnosed with gliomatosis cerebri, an incredibly rare form of terminal brain cancer. Only 100 cases are diagnosed annually in the United States out of 320,000,000 people. I was given one year to live, "if lucky." God has blessed me and I'm still here. Still dealing with cancer, and still dealing with treatments, but still alive.

As Elijah states early in the story, “Happiness is a choice, not a circumstance.”

Many years ago, my wife and I worked for four years at a children’s home. We saw firsthand how abuse—sexual, physical, verbal, neglect—can devastate a child. We know some of those children today as adults. They have overcome their past. They have completed their journey and started new ones.

This is for them.